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HighEnd Montana was created because there are too many amazing businesses throughout the great state of Montana that people just don’t know about. Some don’t ever get out of their garage or the local community. Their skill and expertise is to make their art, not to market or sell it. 

HighEnd Montana provides the opportunity for great Montana businesses to cross market their customer base to help both business and customer find each other. The real advantage goes to the customer. How many times have you spent hours or days trying to find a great product or service that has the quality and value to meet your needs? Now you have HighEnd Montana to do the work for you. Your time is too valuable to be playing a game of needle in the haystack. Let HighEndMontana.com be your go to website when it comes to both quality and value.


I want you to come to HighEndMontana.com when you need that perfect gift for someone that seems to have it all and quality is your top priority and you won’t compromise. 

I am old school and want to provide Montana customer service and value to every customer. Think of HighEnd Montana this way:

-To the consumer I am a brand ambassador and concierge

-To the business I am a sales representative and marketing agency

-To both business and customer, I am a community creator

I will only promote 3-5 businesses in any niche. By keeping the number of businesses low, the quality will be higher and the decisions easier. I am all about a little competition, but I want to stay with only the best. Each business will have their own expertise, so one may fit your needs better than another. Most industries don’t even have 5 businesses that would qualify.

I am a brand ambassador and affiliate for all businesses that are listed on HighEndMontana.com. Any discounts that are provided to members will come out of my commission and not affect the price that the company receives for their product. I am doing the work and proving the results before getting paid. Image if your vendors did that for you.

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