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A long-lasting vehicle is one with an engine that operates at optimal performance. This means keeping the engine clear of particulate debris. After all, an oil filter, no matter how good, can only do so much.

With all that metal under the hood, it’s not unheard of for metal particles to get missed by the oil filter. The possibility of these metal bits making it into the engine increases. Aside from major maintenance, debris circulating through the engine will also cause abnormal wear and tear.

Build-up can occur on the oil filter as well which may slow down the flow of oil to the engine. Lack of oil flow through your engine can cause it to seize up. Virtually eliminate the likelihood of these types of mishaps by seriously considering a magnetic oil drain plug. Not only will it attract the metal pieces, but it will also maximize the use of your oil filter. It’s important to note, cleaning the drain plug during every oil change is vital to continued functionality.

A magnetic drain plug is one of the most effective parts you can use to keep the engine clear of small metallic scraps. Fortunately, a high-quality, durable drain plug is not difficult to find when you know where to look. GoldPlug delivers unbeatable drain plugs that will last.


The European Union utilizes RoHS (restriction of hazardous substances) which is a compliance agency that focuses on the hazardous matter used in electrical and electronic equipment. RoHS restricts unsafe levels of dangerous materials, such as cadmium, mercury, and lead. Gold Plug ensures quality control of all magnetic drain plugs and is RoHS compliant.

In addition to following lead-free practices, GoldPlug constructs these magnetic drain plugs using solid stainless steel or titanium. They also have uncoated surfaces and are not prone to corrosion. These are factors that set them apart from other standard drain plugs. You can expect a lifetime of use if you invest in a trusted magnetic drain plug from GoldPlug.

Custom-Made Drain Plugs

GoldPlug is an excellent resource to use when looking for a customized drain plug. Not every automobile has a manufactured magnetic oil drain plug. If you have a classic car or cherished motorcycle, there is no need to worry because you can have one custom made. One of GoldPlug’s ultimate goals is to supply top quality magnetic drain plugs to any driver, mechanic, or automobile enthusiast who cares about optimal engine performance.

If it’s time for a replacement drain plug, protect your engine with an upgrade to a magnetic drain plug. Imagine installing one that you will never have to replace. GoldPlug delivers that standard. Whether you are a do-it-yourself mechanic or a professional working in the automotive industry, a trusted drain plug will not be tough to acquire. GoldPlug has a full selection to choose from for your car, van, truck, motorcycle, dirt bike, motorized scooter, or ATV. Their line of products also includes industrial magnetic drain plugs.


The yellow pages do not offer up just one business that specializes in high-quality car parts. Even now, with more online venues available, finding top-notch resources can seem overwhelming. Which auto-parts shop do you go to? Who cares about your engine as much as you do? Who can you trust? HighEnd Montana is here to help by streamlining the search. We feature some of the best businesses the big sky country has to offer. 

If you need an unbeatable drain plug, HighEnd Montana can get you connected to one of the best manufacturers around.