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If making a statement with exceptional quality and design that will last for generations is exactly what you’re looking for, you have found A.L. Swanson. Al’s dedication to quality and precision shows in every single piece he creates. Al’s fishing line is beyond the catch of the day! In fact these pieces might be the catch of your lifetime. Al’s Montana series is truly exceptional. Inspired by the vivid colors of mother nature, each box, landing net, and rod case are brought to life in dyed tiger maple, abalone shell, metals, and crushed stones. These pieces are absolutely exquisite and make the perfect gift for the avid angler or as a special statement piece of Montana that cannot be found anywhere else but in the heart of Big Sky country.


Al’s passion for creating extraordinary pieces that exceed his customer’s expectations is his testament. A transplant to Montana’s capitol from Maine, where his love for creating impeccable wood pieces was inspired by his father and the beauty of nature. Al puts his heart and soul into the pieces he creates; be it fine furniture, charcuterie boards, special one of a kind gifts or his fishing line that includes the magnificent fly box! Each fly box is crafted with the finest materials available and is a true statement piece, be it on the water or on the mantle this piece must be on display!

The integrity of Al’s pieces is unprecedented. Within the fishing line you will find fly rod tubes and cases, landing nets, and fly boxes as mentioned above. Each tube is carefully sculpted using a variety of exotic hardwoods, metal, shell, and leather. Each case is made of eight staves, meticulously shaped and glued under pressure into an octagon. They are then mounted on a lathe and turned to a perfect cylinder, one at a time…by hand. Once coated with marine varnish, each case is polished to a buttery smooth finish that beckons your touch. They can accommodate a 4 piece 10′ rod, with custom lengths (for longer rods) available as well. Can you imagine being on the water with something this magnificent?


HighEnd Montana is your personal concierge for statement pieces created by A.L. Swanson. The BEST part about Al, and many of our other craftsmen, is that they love to create custom pieces that are NOT a part of their traditional offering. For example, do you have a vision for something but cannot seem to locate it anywhere? Well, you have come to the right place. Reach out and HighEnd Montana will connect you with Al or another craftsman that can create that special piece you have envisioned in your dreams. Our personal mission is to ensure that you get the quality you desire from people and businesses that deliver exceptional results. We look forward to working with you!
Montana cutting board with custom fly fishing inlay