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Jim Dolan Art



When you take a scenic drive across Montana it is difficult not to find yourself captivated by the majestic horses, fascinating elk, and graceful eagles. Fortunately, Jim Dolan is a sculptor who is based in Bozeman Montana and he is one artist who understands how to forever capture the natural beauty of Big Sky Country.

Jim Dolan has been a staple in the Montana art community for over forty years. He has dedicated his artistic endeavors to contributing back.

As a metal sculptor, Jim’s portfolio is filled with over one-hundred-seventy, large-scale public pieces. His skills go beyond his ability to precisely weld steel and various metals. He can also create 3-dimensional, heat-treated metal paintings, and architectural design. Art enthusiasts worldwide have highlighted Jim Dolan’s exquisitely complex sculptures. His perspective shows a deep appreciation for nature and his talents in delivering realistic depictions are admired all over the world. Jim’s pieces have gained international attention with public sculptures displayed in Osaka, Japan. Hundreds of private pieces have also been shipped worldwide.

Marvelously Unique Sculptures

What sets Jim Dolan’s fine work apart from other art pieces is his dedication to meticulous design. He stays mindful of every project, focused on creating a sculpture that is aesthetically pleasing and as naturally representative as possible. Every single piece is one of a kind, which is noticeably evident in his highly detailed metal sculptures.

Wildlife Inspiration

As you take that drive through Montana, be sure to take in Jim’s herd of 39 Bleu Horses, installed on a hill just off of Highway-287 on Wheat Montana land located near Three Forks Montana. Inspired by the colors of the blue roan horse, Jim created them as a gift to Montanan’s everywhere. Other perceptive sculptures inspired by nature include his featured art pieces, the Elk across from the Gallatin Valley Mall at First Interstate Bank, the Big Horn Sheep off Hwy 191 near Big Sky Montana and the Moose located in West Yellowstone near the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center.

Jim Dolan has created eye-catching pieces, from cute, life-size bear cubs to whimsical dancing giraffes. His work includes sea lions and various birds, sculptures that, at first glance, look real thanks to his care for every detail.

Public Figures

Further whimsical elements are seen in Jim Dolan’s public figure pieces. For instance, his Albert Einstein: Between Theorems statue features Einstein throwing a frisbee. This piece is displayed as a permanent fixture at Western Michigan University.

Jim also created an astounding sculpture of Walt Whitman sitting on a bench. It is made of steel and stainless steel and can be seen when visiting the Montana State University campus. When you are in downtown Bozeman, do not be surprised if you come across more of Jim Dolan’s work. Such as the statue of Jeanette Rankin sitting on a crescent moon, holding a bouquet.


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Metal horse sculpture by Jim Dolan on an old piano