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Montana is known for its’ stunning rivers and charming lakes. Many of which are destination hotspots for any type of angler. With this in mind, every outdoorsman considers being properly prepared with top-notch equipment. Fortunately, if you are looking for high-quality fly fishing nets that are certified made in Montana, HighEnd Montana knows where to steer you. 

Blue Ribbon Nets, located in Bozeman Montana produces heirloom quality, handcrafted fly fishing nets. They feature solid brass ring anchors, come in assorted sizes, and are all built to last.


Blue Ribbon Nets takes fishing net craftsmanship to heart. Our handcrafted frames are made from carefully chosen raw lumber. After a lengthy process of sizing, forming, sanding, and finishing the results are enough to impress any fisherman. Keeping the love of nature, tradition, and maximum functionality in mind, the results were light-weight fly fishing nets with a timeless quality. 

Heirloom Quality Fishing Nets

Blue Ribbon Nets’ handcrafted fly fishing nets not only refers to the meticulously designed wooden frames. It also includes versatile netting like the trademarked AquaFade Ultralight rubber net. This durable rubber net’s unique design has a noticeable hand-tied look. The fish and the surrounding environment were kept in mind when handcrafting these nets. This meant creating strong netting that can be both gentle on fish and did not harm the natural habitat. 

Imagine the calming solitude that nature brings as you take your boat out on Meyers Lake. Maybe you want to catch that elusive twenty-inch trout and snap a photo to prove it. You pull out your heirloom-quality fly fishing net, the Catch and Release. You can’t help but beam at this handcrafted frame. Made from a combination of ash and walnut lumber, this short-handle catch and release net is great for delivering accuracy and control.  

A Reinforced Yoke

Any distinguished fly fisherman will be glad to hear Blue Ribbon Nets focuses on flexibility, durability, and timeless quality. This means having a product that is tough as nails. A triple laminated yoke base is one reason why our nets have long-lasting strength. With a reinforced yoke, you can expect reliable use for years to come. 

Blue Ribbon Nets are built with functionality in mind. Our nets include a solid brass ring anchor fitted to the handle. This permanent fitting was included for convenience. With it, you can easily attach your Teardrop or Jacklin net to your fishing vest. You no longer have to worry about losing your equipment as you wad across the creek or amble along the river banks

Assorted Sizes

For a more personal fly fishing experience having the right type of net means covering all your bases. This means choosing the right type of frame, net, and size. Luckily, Blue Ribbon Nets kept all this in mind when deciding to create their distinct fishing nets. There is an assortment of sizes to choose from to meet any angling trip you have planned. 

Maybe you want a medium-sized frame handcrafted with ash and cherry wood? Or how about a smaller frame with a lightweight rubber clear netting? The many options include large, medium or small frames with your choice of soft mesh, clear netting, or the BRN trademarked ultralight rubber net.


Montana truly is one of the best destinations for fly fishing. With a number of rivers, lakes, creeks, and reservoirs, our state offers an angling spot for every type of fisherman. Make sure you have trusted equipment for all your fly fishing adventures. HighEnd Montana knows where to find the best fishing nets, with a variety of choices fit for any fly fishing adventure. 

HighEnd Montana cares about enhancing your outdoor experience by connecting you with the best brands and businesses this state has to offer. This includes outstanding products that are made in Montana. 

Whether you are a first-time fisherman or experienced outdoorsman, Bozeman is a great place to start. Ask HighEnd Montana about heirloom quality fly fishing nets today.